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Can Lasers Reduce my Wrinkles?

Can Lasers Reduce my Wrinkles?

Laser treatments, or laser peels, can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines by removing the damaged upper skin layers and revealing a younger-looking and fresher skin layer underneath.

Unlike chemical peels, lasers are far more precise, and they’re better at stimulating collagen production in the deeper skin layers. 

Below, we asked Dr. Pompeyo Chavez, our expert at Soulage Wellness & Aesthetic Center, to explain how laser technology rejuvenates the skin. 

Reducing deep lines and sagging in the face 

One of the lasers used by Dr. Chavez in his practice is a CO2 fractional laser. This delivers laser energy, in short pulses, all over the skin. 

The CO2 fractional laser is used to reach deeper layers of the skin. It’s not only for moderate to severe wrinkles, but also for sagging skin, acne scars, and pigmentation. 

The laser treatments take about 15-20 minutes to complete. They involve very little discomfort, as our staff applies a topical anesthetic on your face. 

The recovery period may last up to a week. During this time, you’ll experience some light peeling in the first couple of days, followed by some redness and sensitivity in the treated area. 

Avoid using any products containing retinol on the treated area, as well as any products with irritants in them. Also, avoid direct sun exposure. 

As the skin continues to heal and collagen production increases, most patients start seeing results approximately three weeks after the treatment. 

Treating superficial lines and wrinkles 

Dr. Chavez uses the Erbium laser, which delivers energy in narrower and more precise beams, to reduce wrinkles and lines in the upper layers of the skin. This laser is gentler, so there’s less downtime with this treatment. It’s also less likely to cause pigmentation in darker skin tones. 

Despite this being a gentler treatment, our staff applies a topical numbing cream, but the recovery period is shorter, as only the top layer of the skin peels off. 

As you recover, avoid sun exposure and any ingredients in skincare products that may make your skin more sensitive to the sun. 

Most patients notice improvements within a couple of weeks after the laser treatment. 

Find out if you’re a good candidate for laser treatments 

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin and you don’t have any open wounds, active acne, or infections in the area you wish to treat, you may be a good candidate for anti-aging laser treatments. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get expert advice on rejuvenating your skin.

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