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Evolve Total Body Transformation


Is the appearance of stubborn fat getting you down? Have you been dieting and exercising constantly without any luck shedding the last few pounds? Problem fat is a common concern for both men and women who desire to feel and look their best. In the past, treatments for removing problem fat oftentimes involved an invasive surgical procedure that many people are not willing to consider, even if it did mean eliminating unwanted bulge. Luckily, with recent technological advances in cosmetics, there is now a revolutionary treatment option that can help you shed your unwanted bulge without the need for surgery. Evolve is an advanced laser treatment that has created a new dimension in body sculpting.

What is Evolve Total Body Transform?

This specialized body contouring technology is a non-invasive and safe laser treatment for effectively eliminating unwanted fat cells from common problem areas. The unique Evolve system utilizes a specialized Monopolar RF system that delivers a method for targeting fat cells beneath the skin with precision and quickness. This innovative system provides patients with a non-invasive and comfortable solution with a multidimensional approach to destroy stubborn fat cells and achieve the results they desire.

How Does it Work?

Treatments are performed through the specialized Evolve applicators that are placed over the targeted area where the technology works to emit radiofrequency waves.
The energy waves are delivered deep within tissue to the targeted fat layer, while the closed-loop temperature provides a feedback mechanism for temperature control. This allows treatments to deliver the necessary heat for destroying unwanted fat while maintaining a safe and comfortable temperature to the surrounding tissue.
Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are removed from the body naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.
Body sculpting results provided by this innovative laser can be continuously visible following each session as your body continues to eliminate the destroyed fat cells. If you are ready to claim the sculpted and contoured body you desire, Evolve body contouring treatments could benefit you.

Who is a Candidate?

For anyone who is close to their goal weight, but can not seem to eliminate the last few pounds of stubborn bulge could benefit from treatments. If you are looking for a non-invasive solution for sculpting your body without the need for surgery, you could also qualify as a candidate. However, the best way to determine if you are a candidate is through a consultation with one of our professionals.

Reach out to us here at Soulage Wellness and Aesthethic Center to learn more about this revolutionary treatment. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards a more contoured you!


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