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4 Problems That Improve with Dermal Filler Treatment

4 Problems That Improve with Dermal Filler Treatment

Fillers are most commonly known for adding volume to the lips, but they can do so much more than that. Because of how safe they are, and how long they last (certain fillers can last up to 18 months), experts use them for a variety of cosmetic issues. 

Find out how our experts at Soulage Wellness & Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, Texas, use dermal fillers by reading our guide covering the 4 most common cosmetic issues easily solved by fillers. 

1. Aging hands 

It’s often said that the hands reveal the “real” age, as they don’t receive as much attention as the face. The hands, much like the face, lose collagen and fatty tissue with age, making veins and tendons appear more visible. The hollowness and the visible veins and tendons can be hidden with the use of dermal fillers, which can add volume in the places where there’s a loss of fatty tissue. 

2. Aging neck 

The neck can age prematurely if you spend a lot of time in front of screens, especially if you look down at them, forcing your neck into an unnatural position for prolonged periods of time. There’s also a loss of volume and fine lines that can appear with age, leaving your neck with excess skin and lines. Fillers can help with the excess skin as they fill in the place where there used to be fatty tissue. This often resolves the lines as well. 

3. Hollow cheeks 

Gravity, redistribution of fatty deposits, and bone resorption all work against you, making your cheeks shift downward. This leads to hollowness and excess skin. Fortunately, you can lift them without going under the knife by opting for fillers. Fillers can replace the lost tissue, whether bone or fat, and offer natural-looking plumpness to your face.

4. Hollow eyes 

The skin underneath the eyes is often thinner than on the rest of your body, and the bone structure of the eye socket changes with age as well. The eye socket may lose some of its bone density, and the orbital rim may get thinner with age as well. As a consequence, you’ll notice a hollowness in the eye area, which can’t be addressed with any topical formulations as the problem is not the skin aging but rather the aging of the bone and the loss of fatty tissues. 

Dermal fillers are safe to inject underneath the eye, restoring the lost volume and achieving a rejuvenated effect almost instantly. 

Learn more about dermal fillers 

Up until recently, complete rejuvenation of the face that involved solving issues such as hollowness and excess skin was only available if you were willing to undergo surgery. Nowadays, with fillers, you can correct a large number of cosmetic issues that in the past could only be corrected by a facelift. That isn’t to say facelifts aren’t the right choice for specific concerns, but for mild to moderate signs of aging, dermal fillers may be enough. Contact us to schedule an appointment in our office located in Bastrop, Texas, to find out if dermal fillers are the right choice for you. 


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