Achieve Feminine Rejuvenation with the Juliet Laser

As we age, there are a number of things that stop working properly with our bodies. This can be true of our most intimate areas as well. Although we may not like to talk about it, it is important to discuss it so that a solution can be found. The Juliet Laser is a good example of something that can be done to rejuvenate the vagina, allowing you to take charge of your intimate life.

What is the Juliet Laser?

This minimally-invasive treatment is designed to stimulate your body to produce more collagen and elastin fibers. It does this by gently delivering light energy to the tissue in the targeted area. Two passes are made with the laser. The first one is aimed at increasing elasticity and tone to the area. In the second pass, the aim is to stimulate the body to create new blood vessels. This helps your body produce natural lubrication.

Juliet Laser Treatments

This treatment is quick and easy. Sessions take only 10-15 minutes total. You will likely need three sessions total in order to achieve long-lasting results. These sessions will be spaced roughly one month apart.

You will not need anesthesia for this procedure. A small, single-use sterile wand is inserted in the vagina. This wand encases the laser. This procedure is very precise and does not affect the surrounding area. Once inserted, the laser is activated, rotated, and then removed. This is repeated a second time.

After your appointment, you do not need to worry about “recovering.” You can immediately return to your normal daily activities, although it is a good idea to abstain from sexual intercourse for a week. While some improvements will be noticed right away, full results will take approximately 4 weeks to develop.

What Can the Juliet Laser Treat?

There are many issues surrounding feminine health that can be treated with the Juliet Laser. It is commonly used for:

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