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Why Choose Xymogen?

A growing number of individuals are becoming concerned about the effectiveness of prescription medications, their side effects, and of course, the prohibitive costs. Natural herbal supplements are often the best way to go when overall health is considered. Xymogen® is a family of products that combine simple yet effective natural ingredients with properly chosen nutritional additives such as vitamins, minerals, and other health-enhancing agents.

Why should you choose Xymogen®? Medical research has shown that given a chance, you body will absorb and use the most effective nutritional substances and get rid of unwanted or unnecessary food. Much of what we eat isn’t absorbed or digested properly, and a huge amount of energy is required to assimilate these non-essential foodstuffs. When effective supplements are introduced, your body uses these effectively, and your energy level goes up because of the positive increase in metabolic rate. Below, you’ll find some interesting information about the various products we highly recommend.

Cardiovascular Support

You need a healthy heart. Without one, your entire body suffers. You want efficient nutrient transfer to the cells via the bloodstream, and a cleaned out, properly performing cardiovascular system is paramount. Xymogen® cardiovascular and heart health supplements will help with this. These products include 5-MTHF for female health and cardiovascular support, ActivEssentials™ for cell-life regulation and immune system support, and AngiNOX™ for antioxidant boost and male health. After consulting with us, we will recommend one of these special formulas, all of which come in easy-to-swallow caplets or gel tablets.

Gastrointestinal Support

If your body cannot absorb and digest nutrients properly, there’s no point in eating. Since you need to eat to stay alive, we recommend focusing on products that increase the health of your gastrointestinal tract. These products include Berbemycin™, Candicidal™, and ColonX™. All contain important nutrients that help with immune system support, detoxification, and antioxidant absorption. If you’ve been feeling low on energy and have noticed irregular bowel activity, it’s likely you could benefit from this family of products from Xymogen®.

Liver Support

Your liver produces a number of substances that allow your cells to perform their work and to reproduce properly. Without you liver, your other organs begin to deteriorate. Products we recommend include the 6-Day Detox Kit, Calcium D-Glucarate, and LipotropiX™. These products aid in liver health and proper liver function via the absorption of antioxidants and special mineral combinations. Your liver can become full of toxins that are difficult to get rid of, but these products from Xymogen® will target all sorts of problems with liver health.

In addition, there are lines of products that help with sleep disorders, neurological conditions, blood sugar, and adrenal health. During a consultation, we’ll review your medical history and suggest a customized program that includes one or more products from the above-mentioned categories.

To learn more about the products we offer, contact the experts at Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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