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What Makes Wrinkle Relaxers So Popular?

As we age, lines and wrinkles start popping up on our faces. We can find them where repeated expressions have caused our skin to be etched with a road map of those muscles’ movements. If you’re unhappy with the look of wrinkles, call Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX to find out what makes wrinkle relaxers so popular.

What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers are a family of injectables known as neuromodulators, the most popular of which is Botox. Botox is a purified toxin from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This is an organism found in nature, where it is predominately inactive. When injected into our bodies, Botox works by blocking the signal originating at the nerve telling a muscle to move. This injection halts or significantly reduces the muscle’s ability to move.

Originally, Botox was used to treat certain medical conditions in which manipulation of a muscle could reduce symptoms. It was first actively used to treat uncontrolled eyelid spasms and crossed eyes. Doctors found that by strategically injecting Botox, they could relax the pull of certain muscles that caused eyes to cross or stop spasms in certain muscles. The medical community then used Botox for other uncontrolled muscle spasms in the body with great success.

What Are Dynamic Wrinkles?

Throughout our lives, we make repeated facial expressions like frowning, lifting our brows, and smiling. As time goes on, our skin loses its ability to bounce back into place because we lose elastin. Elastin is the protein that keeps our skin flexible and snapping back to its smooth condition after we make expressions. Eventually, our skin will look like a road map of all the expressions we’ve made.

When the muscle’s movement is limited, the skin on top smooths and the wrinkles relax. The most common dynamic wrinkles are found from the mid-face up. These wrinkles include:

What Makes Wrinkle Relaxers So Popular?

Botox is the number one cosmetic treatment in the world, and over seven million Americans received treatment last year. What is the broad appeal of wrinkle relaxers?

They Take Years Off Your Appearance

There’s a reason so many people request this treatment—it works. The more often a client comes back for maintenance treatments, the longer their wrinkles will relax and the smoother their skin will become. Certain wrinkles, like frown lines, can make you look angry or upset when you’re not. Getting Botox injections can not only soften these wrinkles but lighten your entire appearance.

When frown lines are eliminated, people look friendlier and happier, which automatically gives them a younger appearance. A smooth forehead and reduced crow’s feet will also dramatically change your appearance for the better. People look and feel years younger after receiving this treatment.

They Have a Proven Safety Record

Botox was the first FDA-approved injectable of its kind proven safe and effective at temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by movement. Unlike more invasive procedures that can cause anxiety, Botox is a quick and safe injection. The cosmetic dose of the botulinum toxin is known to be harmless, safe and effective.

These treatments have come a long way in their application. Clients don’t have to worry about looking “frozen” anymore. Our doctors and staff are skilled at administering doses that provide just the right amount of movement inhibition. We’re experienced in using Botox like an artist’s brush and getting the dosage right for the effect desired.

They Are Cost-Effective

Compared to other treatments that effectively address wrinkles, Botox is one of the most affordable options available. Botox is measured in units and priced the same way. We’ll assess your areas of concern and how many units it will take to get the results you’re looking for. Once we know that, we’ll give you an on-the-spot price. You could spend a lot more for the same or inferior results.

The relatively low price allows patients to keep coming back for maintenance sessions. Talk to us about pricing during your consultation.

They Are Fast and Easy

Unlike other treatments that require up to a 30-minute wait for a numbing cream to work, there is no anesthetic required for wrinkle relaxers. Because the needles are so small and the injections so shallow, most clients report the treatment as comfortable, with no goopy or smelly topical anesthetic.

This lack of wait time also makes each appointment fairly quick. Depending on the area being treated, appointment times can be as short as 15 minutes. This is really the “lunch time” treatment. It’s very easy to schedule this on a short break from work and go right back to the office from our center. There is zero downtime associated with this treatment.

They Offer Immediate Results

Unlike some treatments that need time to build up collagen, which can take weeks or months, wrinkle relaxers’ results can be seen in as little as two days. Some clients may take up to a week to see optimal results. Most clients like this gradual appearance of results because it makes them just look rested and more youthful without calling attention to any “work” having been done. If you have a big event on the weekend, you can stop by on Monday and be event-ready on Saturday.

They Are Temporary

Anybody who is a little apprehensive of getting this treatment for the first time can rest assured they’re not committing to anything permanent. Most results last between three and four months. If for whatever reason you don’t like your new youthful look, you haven’t committed to anything long term.

While its results may be temporary, you’re able to schedule maintenance appointments so you can enjoy seamless results. You don’t have to let your wrinkles come back before getting your next treatment. We’ll work with you to recommend the right follow-up schedule.

They Are Versatile

It seems more and more uses for wrinkle relaxers are discovered every day. Gone are the days when this was just appropriate for frown lines. We’re now able to treat a variety of aesthetic concerns with these injectables.

Gummy Smile
If you show more of your gums than you’d like each time you smile, you can ask us how Botox may reduce the look you’re unhappy with. Gummy smiles are often a result of the muscles around your mouth pulling too much on your upper lip. We can inject small amounts of Botox to limit the range of motion for a particular portion of the muscle. You’ll still be able to smile, but you’ll show off your teeth and not your gums when you do.

Down-Turned Mouth
While we’re talking about your mouth, this injectable can also help with down-turned corners of your mouth. If your corners are down-turned, you may give the impression you’re upset or sad when you’re not. The change is subtle but does a lot to open your expression up and give you a more pleasant expression and appealing appearance.

Jowls and Neck Bands
Botox can sometimes be used to reduce the appearance of jowling and thick neck banding that can happen as we age. Jowls can be addressed by relaxing the muscles on either side of the jowl. This can smooth out the area and lessen the appearance of one of the most dreaded signs of aging.

Neckbands can make the area from the neck down look hollow and oddly muscular. When Botox is injected into these muscles, their appearance softens; but so does their pull. Because these muscles also influence the downward pull of the face, some of our clients may see an improvement in the look of sagging skin if that appearance was solely because of the strength of the downward pull of neck muscles.

Eyebrow Lift
This is a wonderful side effect of Botox injections on the forehead but can be made even more prominent by skillfully injecting the muscles that pull the tail and front of the eyebrows down. When those muscles are relaxed, the muscles that pull up the arch are activated. This can improve the appearance of droopy brows and give people the arches they’ve always wanted.

Excessive Sweating
Some patients have a condition called hyperhidrosis. This condition causes people to excessively sweat almost every waking hour of the day. These people will plan their wardrobe around sweating by wearing dark and baggy clothing or spend a good part of their day worrying about sweat stains. This can be debilitating because the anxiety associated with this much perspiration can keep people from being active at work and in social situations.

Using Botox under the arms can block the signal of the nerve from reaching the sweat glands. This eliminates their trigger to start sweating. Patients who receive this treatment call it life-changing because what once caused almost crippling anxiety is now eliminated or brought down to normal, manageable levels.

They Can Be Either Preventative or Reactive

We know Botox works well to address dynamic wrinkles people already have, but many young people are requesting Botox to prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming in the first place. They usually require lower doses and can stave off the formation of these wrinkles for much longer than they would without treatment.

We’ll work with you to come up with a treatment schedule best suited for preventative measures.

What to Expect

During our consultation, we’ll go over your areas of concern and the results you’d like to achieve. If we determine wrinkle relaxers are the best fit for you, we can usually do them on the spot or make a future appointment.

We’ll clean and sterilize the injection sites and then make a series of small injections to trigger the result you want. Once you’re done, you can immediately return to your normal routine. There is no downtime associated with Botox.


Most of our patients see results in one to three days following treatment. Optimal results can be seen after seven days. Results last between three and four months before you notice your expressions starting to make wrinkles show again. When that happens, call us for a follow-up appointment if you’d like to enjoy seamless results. Results vary by patient and the area that has been treated.

Why Wait for a Younger Appearance?

If you are distracted or unhappy with the look of dynamic wrinkles or any of the other issues we’ve discussed, why put off seeing results when they’re so easy to achieve?

Contact Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX to talk to a member of our friendly staff and schedule your consultation. We’re absolutely committed to helping each of our clients look and feel their best by restoring vitality and youthfulness to their appearance.

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