Try Lasers for Vascular Therapy

Vascular lasers are special lasers that we use to target and treat abnormal blood vessels. The lasers cause minimal damage to the surrounding normal skin. While they can be used anywhere on the body, they are mainly used on the face. It may take more than one vascular therapy session to achieve the desired results.

Conditions Treated by Laser Vascular Therapy

There are several skin conditions that result from vascular issues. Many of these appear on the face but can appear on other areas of the body. The most common conditions treated are:

What to Expect

If you have any skin condition that you suspect could be removed with laser vascular therapy, we suggest you talk to our skin specialist. If the therapy will help your condition, you will be asked about any medication you take including over-the-counter painkillers and dietary supplements. You may be asked to stop taking them a couple of weeks before your treatment.

During the treatment, both you and the trained technician will wear eye protection. You may be given topical anesthesia if you want but it is usually not necessary. The treatment is quick and done in our office.

After the treatment, you must protect the area from direct sunlight and avoid vigorous exercise because both of these can cause the blood vessels to dilate.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are taking certain drugs or have an infection in the treatment area, you may not be a candidate for laser vascular therapy. You should wait until after breastfeeding or infections are cured. It is important to discuss your expectations with our specialist to make sure you have a realistic idea of the outcome.

To have your vascular issues examined, come to Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX. We can determine if you make a good candidate for one of our laser treatments. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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