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How to Ensure Natural-Looking Botox Results

How to Ensure Natural-Looking Botox Results

Many women struggle with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and they turn to injectables, namely Botox®, when creams and gels stop delivering on their promises. 

Botox is the brand name of botulinum toxin, which is known for its ability to cause muscle paralysis by interfering with the communication of nerves and neurotransmitters. In small doses, Botox can be used safely for therapeutic purposes, combating migraines, excessive sweating, and wrinkles. 

However, as with many anti-aging treatments, there’s always the fear of an unnatural look, and when in the wrong hands, Botox can definitely make someone look overdone or frozen. Here in Bastrop, Texas, Dr. Pompeyo Chavez, our expert at Soulage Wellness & Aesthetic Center, shares how you can avoid an unnatural look with Botox. 

Start with small doses 

Botox is dose-dependent. Even though smaller doses may not completely erase lines on the face, they can lead to more natural results and a face that maintains its natural expression. 

Botox also weakens muscles, which in time can lead to smaller muscles and perhaps the need for dermal fillers to make up for the lost volume. Smaller doses are also helpful when attempting to not only erase wrinkles but also preserve the contours of your face. 

Botox only lasts for three to five months, so if a small dose isn’t enough, you can always up the dose to achieve your desired results. 

Have realistic expectations 

Botox smooths out lines caused by movement (e.g., lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth), but it can’t erase the lines caused by loss of volume. Professionals use dermal fillers to treat loss of volume, but you can get Botox and dermal fillers at the same time. 

Even though Botox and dermal fillers are very effective for the treatment of wrinkles, injectables are still limited in their ability to turn back time. For advanced signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles and excess skin, you may still need a facelift. 

Work with an experienced injector 

For decades, Botox has been used worldwide for the treatment of wrinkles, but treatments can still go wrong if the person injecting the substance doesn’t have a good understanding of facial anatomy and how muscles work. Our experts at Soulage Wellness & Aesthetic Center have years of experience helping our patients get the natural youthful look they desire.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Botox 

Not all types of wrinkles can be treated with Botox, so Dr. Chavez may recommend a combination of Botox and dermal fillers. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and get expert advice on rejuvenating your face.

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