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Discover the Surprising Benefits of Vascular Therapy

Do you have unwanted veins on the surface of your legs? Treating vascular conditions provides more benefits than just eliminating the appearance of veins. Vascular therapy can reduce health risks and improve blood circulation for long term wellness benefits. If you think vascular treatment may be right for you, contact Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX. We offer a variety of non-surgical vascular treatments.

What Is Vascular Therapy?

Vascular therapy is a non-surgical, and minimally invasive treatment for removing unwanted veins. Laser or light energy treatments are commonly used to correct vein issues without harming the skin or tissue. Vascular treatments are designed to destroy the vein walls and result in a collapse. The vein no longer functions after it collapses and is absorbed into the body. The remaining blood is carried by the remaining healthy veins and arteries.

Types of Vascular Treatments

Veins can be treated with a variety of non-surgical methods. Patients may want to reduce or eliminate the appearance of veins. Treating veins can also improve blood flow if the vein is damaged. Vascular treatment can improve health and relieve conditions that are caused by vein problems. Some vein issues should be eliminated with vascular treatment to reduce severe health risks.

Laser Therapy

Vascular treatment with laser therapy is one of the most commonly performed treatments. During this treatment, lasers penetrate the skin and are absorbed into the blood vessels. The light energy destroys the walls of the veins, causing them to collapse. The treatment can be used to remove minor vein issues and larger vein issues such as spider veins covering the entire legs.

The collapsed vein is absorbed into the body over time, and the blood is carried by surrounding veins. The laser causes no damage to the skin or tissue, and patients should not expect downtime or healing time. Laser therapy can take up to 30 minutes to perform, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Patients who are reluctant to undergo laser treatment may consider IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light treatment. IPL treatment is performed using a broadband light energy device. This device can be adjusted for any skin type and provides a precise treatment. The light energy emitted during IPL is absorbed into the tissue and can be used to repair conditions on the surface of the skin.

Spider veins and other veins appearing on the skin’s surface can be reduced and eliminated with several IPL sessions. Treatment may take more than one session, but sessions are generally less than 30 minutes. IPL patients will enjoy no downtime or healing time after treatment.


Varicose and spider veins can be eliminated easily with sclerotherapy. This treatment does not use surgery, laser, or light to correct vascular issues. Sclerotherapy is an injectable solution designed to irritate the offending vein, causing the vein to close at the injection site. The closed vein collapses and will no longer carry blood.

The appearance of the vein is reduced over time as it is absorbed into the body. The remaining blood is carried by other veins to ensure circulation. Sclerotherapy has been used since the 1930s as vascular treatment. The injection takes less than 30 minutes to perform and does not involve downtime or healing time. After sclerotherapy, patients should also avoid anti-inflammatory medications and hot water for 48 hours.

Benefits of Vascular Therapy

No Downtime

Vascular therapy provides patients with a solution to unwanted veins and reduces long term complications. Vascular treatment is a way to eliminate the appearance of veins on the skin’s surface to improve the skin’s appearance. Vascular treatment can also provide a range of benefits to the patient’s well being and quality of life. These benefits come without surgery, and we can perform vascular treatments quickly in our office with no downtime required.

Improved Circulation

Vascular treatment patients experience improved circulation, and pain or irritation resulting from vein conditions is eliminated. Swollen or bulging under the skin can be reduced with vascular treatment. Patients will not experience scarring or discoloration as a product of the treatment as they might with surgery. Vascular therapy results are permanent and can prevent future complications.

Reduction in Swelling

The legs can swell due to improper circulation from sitting or standing for long hours throughout the day. Decreased circulation causes continuous pressure on the veins and can result in leaks. The lower legs swell and may become discolored as the condition worsens. The damage can cause health risks such as blood clots. Vascular treatment can remove the damaged veins to improve circulation. Surrounding veins will carry the blood properly, resulting in reduced swelling.

Relief From Throbbing and Burning

Varicose veins can throb and cause a burning sensation if untreated. Veins may begin to throb while sitting or standing due to increased pressure. Throbbing veins could indicate an increased risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis, a potentially fatal condition. Removing varicose veins with laser therapy, IPL, or sclerotherapy can prevent these vascular issues. Treatment will relieve throbbing, discomfort, and long term problems. The blood will be carried by functioning veins to improve circulation.

Leg Cramping Relief

Cramping of the legs is common in vascular patients. Cramps can cause the legs to feel tired or uncomfortable. Damaged one-way valves often cause cramping when the blood cannot pump back to the heart. Leg cramping often comes with no visible indicators. However, the condition may occur alongside varicose veins or spider veins. Treating the offending veins can improve circulation and resolve cramping or discomfort.

Restore Irritated Skin

Improper blood flow can cause skin irritation and texture changes. The skin becomes dry, scaly, and firm as a result of decreased circulation. Patients may try topical solutions to relieve the symptoms, but these will not treat vascular issues. Patients most commonly affected are those with a history of obesity and those who live a sedentary lifestyle. The best treatment for this irritation is closing the damaged veins with vascular treatment. Surrounding veins and arteries will carry the blood that the closed veins once carried, resulting in improved circulation.

Causes of Vascular Conditions

Vein conditions can be the result of aging and lifestyle. Pregnancy and hormonal changes may cause the appearance of spider veins in women. Flight attendants, nurses, and truckers frequently experience vascular issues due to hours of sitting or standing. Vascular issues are also the result of obesity. Trauma that damages veins may cause issues like broken capillaries. Hereditary conditions also contribute to vascular issues.

Vascular Conditions That Can Be Treated With Therapy

We offer patients a variety of non-surgical treatments to improve vascular appearance and health. We can treat a variety of conditions with IPL, laser therapy, or sclerotherapy. Patients should visit a medical professional to find out if a vascular condition is cosmetic or potentially harmful.

Reticular Veins

Reticular veins are blue veins just under the surface of the skin. These veins can become dilated, causing swelling and the formation of spider veins. Reticular veins appear with age and lifestyle factors, and patients may want to eliminate them to improve their appearance. Laser treatment and IPL are recommended to treat these veins, and treatment can reduce the appearance of these veins and prevent further issues.

Leg Veins

Patients can suffer from swelling of leg veins while standing. This swelling may be an indicator of a blood clot or poor circulation. Most patients want to eliminate the appearance of swollen leg veins through treatment. Vascular treatment can also prevent further issues such as varicose veins. Vascular treatments close damaged and malfunctioning veins to restore circulation and reduce swollen leg veins.

Cherry Angiomas

Red growths on the skin are called cherry angiomas. These are a vascular condition that results from tiny blood vessels bunched up together at the skin’s surface. Angiomas are merely superficial and will not cause long term health impacts. Patients often seek treatment to eliminate the appearance of angiomas.

Bleeding and size changes in the angioma may indicate a greater health risk and should be evaluated. The legs, arms, stomach, and face are common areas of occurrence. The best treatment for a cherry angioma is IPL, but laser therapy can also be effective.

Spider Veins

A common unwanted condition that vascular treatment can eliminate is spider veins. These veins appear as small, twisted red or blue threads and are often visible on the legs and face. Lifestyle and other vascular issues contribute to the appearance of spider veins. Many people live with some type of spider veins, and 30 to 60% of the population is affected by them. Spider veins can be easily treated through IPL, laser therapy, and sclerotherapy.

Broken Capillaries

Due to pressure on the capillaries, they can become damaged, resulting in a vascular condition called broken capillaries. These appear as redness under the surface of the skin. Common causes are lifestyle factors such as sitting or standing for long periods, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Physical trauma is also among the causes of broken capillaries.

The vascular condition commonly occurs in the legs or face and may include irritation. Broken capillaries can be treated with IPL or laser therapy. The goal of treatment is to remove the appearance of the broken capillary and allow blood to circulate using other capillaries.

Varicose Veins

Bulging, swollen, and twisted veins are called varicose veins. This vascular condition is common in the legs and can be eliminated with vascular treatment. The appearance of these veins can result from lifestyle and age factors. Varicose veins can be irritating and cause a throbbing and burning sensation.

Varicose veins can be accompanied by aching or tired legs and blood clots. Vascular treatment is necessary to reduce the risk of further complications. Varicose veins can be treated with laser therapy, IPL, and sclerotherapy.

Who Is an Ideal Therapy Candidate?

Vascular therapy can address a range of vein issues in patients of all ages. Male and female patients of any skin type enjoy the benefits of vascular treatment. Patients often want to reduce the visibility of unwanted veins, but vascular issues can be the result of a serious problem or cause risk if not treated.

Vascular treatment may not be recommended for everyone. Treatment is not recommended for pregnant and nursing patients. Patients will not have to make significant changes in their life after vascular treatment, and there is no downtime involved. IPL and laser therapy candidates should expect to avoid sun exposure before and after treatment.

Discover the Benefits of Healthy Circulation

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of vascular therapy, take the first step towards treatment. Visit Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center in Bastrop, TX for a consultation today. Our patients enjoy better circulation and appearance after treatment. With quick and non-surgical solutions to a variety of vascular issues, we can offer the perfect treatment.

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