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Bothered by Crow’s Feet? These Minimally-Invasive Treatments Can Help

As you age, it’s natural to notice changes to your skin. Crow’s feet are considered “expression wrinkles” that form after years of contracting and moving your facial muscles. Crow’s feet appear around the eye, giving the illusion of a crow’s foot pattern.

When you’re young, your skin has a lot of elasticity. It’s easy for your muscles to bounce back, contract and keep their tightness. As you age, your skin loses elasticity. As a result, the static appearance of crow’s feet appears. The decline in collagen and other skin proteins also makes crow’s feet lines appear deeper and more prominent.

At Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center, Pompeyo Chavez, MD offers minimally-invasive treatments to improve skincare, cosmetic and body enhancement treatments. 


Botox is typically recommended for people ages 30-50. Skin may lose its elasticity around this age and the appearance of crow’s feet may also appear. It works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses to the injected muscles, allowing for the muscles to relax.

Botox has excellent longevity. The effects last around 3-4 months in most patients, and it’s safe to get repeated Botox treatments that often. Think of it as something you can continue renewing.

It’s a popular option for crow’s feet because it is both effective and requires infrequent treatments. 

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation. There are two types of chemical peels that may provide you with the best results: the VI Peel ™ and the VI Booster.

The VI Peel TM offers a safe, minimally-invasive approach to achieving younger looking skin. Many patients get two to four peels a year in conjunction with a healthy skincare routine and lifestyle. The Vi Peel ™ contains retinoic acid Vitamin A, promoting collagen growth and elastin production. 

VI Boosters are made with the ingredients in the VI PeelTM treatment, but at a higher concentration (25% higher). For a stronger effect, you may consider the VI Booster. Chemical peels are typically painless, and have little to no downtime.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Fractional skin resurfacing is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment method that stimulates your skin’s natural renewal process. Laser light is used to target and reduce blemishes in and on the skin by promoting collagen growth.

During treatment, laser light is applied to the treatment area, removing specific layers of skin leaving behind refreshed skin. After the treatment, you may experience mild redness or swelling, but only for a few days. 

At-home care

There are also options for treatment at home to conceal crow’s feet such as limiting sun exposure, wearing sunscreen daily, wearing polarized sunglasses, and using topical creams that promote collagen growth. Look for creams that include retinol, antioxidants, argan oil, and alpha hydroxy acids. 

If you’re considering treatment for crow’s feet, visit Soulage Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Book an appointment or call 512-212-3719. 

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