5 Reasons to Consider truSculpt iD Body Sculpting

5 Reasons to Consider truSculpt iD Body Sculpting

Despite working out and dieting, you still don’t have the curves you’ve always dreamed of, so what can you do? 

Unfortunately, genetics and hormones influence the way you store fat, and exercise can’t spot reduce fat. In the past, the only option available for spot-reducing fat was surgically removing the fat tissue. 

However, you can now opt for noninvasive treatments such as truSculpt® iD body sculpting, which uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells for good. 

From Dr. Pompeyo Chavez, our expert at Soulage Wellness & Aesthetic Center, here are 5 reasons why you should consider truSculpt iD Body Sculpting.

1. No health risks

The FDA approves truSculpt iD body sculpting for safety. Unlike surgical procedures, this treatment doesn't come with the risk of infection, bleeding, or scarring. 

Dr. Chavez glides the device that delivers radiofrequency on your skin. You may feel some heat and tingling, but there are no incisions. 

2. Smooth results 

One disadvantage of surgical procedures is that the final results sometimes look uneven, as some areas may have bulges. 

With radiofrequency treatments, all cells in the tissue receive the same amount of heat from the device, which provides even and smooth results. Your lymphatic system then eliminates the dead fat cells. 

3. Can be used on all body types 

Many body contouring treatments are suitable only for patients who are relatively fit and need to lose about 20-30 pounds. 

Although truSculpt iD body sculpting shouldn’t be used as a weight loss tool, it’s approved by the FDA for use on patients with a BMI of 30 or above

4. Effective at reducing fat in the treated areas 

On average, you can expect to lose about 24% of the body fat in the treated area. It takes about two sessions to achieve optimal results and approximately 12 weeks for your body to clear up the dead fat cells.

5. Can be used on multiple areas of the body

With truSculpt iD body sculpting, you can reduce fat stores on the abdomen, upper and lower legs, and upper arms. 

Learn more about noninvasive body contouring 

If you’re looking for a noninvasive way to eliminate fat stores, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Body contouring treatments don’t replace a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but they can help you achieve a more toned body, especially if you have stubborn pockets of fat. Our experts can also help if you’re trying to lose more weight. We offer the Ideal Protein weight loss program to help you stop dieting once and for all.

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