TruSculpt Membership


Let’s get in shape! … We are excited to introduce our new Membership for Body Sculpting which will combine 2 technologies that will focus to trim fat in stubborn areas and muscle definition otherwise hard to achieve.

Core membership Initial package includes:

  • 2 Trusculpt ID & 4 Trusculpt Flex or
  • 1 Trusculpt ID & 6 Trusculpt Flex

Additionally, for a limited time (until December 15th), we will add 1 extra treatment of Trusculpt ID or 2 extra treatment of Trusculpt Flex “Free” 

Regular Price: $8400

Membership Price: $4999

For best results, we recommend doing Trusculpt Flex monthly for at least 6 months. We are offering Trusculpt Flex once a month.

Regular Price: $750

Membership Price: $280.

We are lowing the price to $250 monthly for a limited time (until December 15th

In addition to this great promotion, an active member will have the option to get treat with Trusculpt ID at any time if they need it for a much lower price!

Regular Price: $1800

Membership Price: $1000  

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